Decorating interior using canvas prints
16.09.2016 16:23

Personalization of themes, color and motifs is one of the most important issues when planning to use canvas prints for interior decoration and appearance improvements. Infact, personalization is the reason many people want to do interior decoration on their own. However, doing it yourself also saves a lot of money. And there is always many unused catalogues to select from, but you should make sure that the interior design bill does not go too high. 

Today, you can easily order canvas prints of various kinds online and have them delivered at your home free of charge. The following tips will help you to do interior designs with canvas prints while ensuring that the cost is low. 

1. Match home furniture with the prints: Whether you have already purchased the furniture or plan to do it later, make sure you can order canvas prints that match with the interior hardware. The idea is to work with your own preferred colors if you have not purchased the furniture yet. However, if you already have, buy canvas prints that have colors complementing the color of the furniture in a secondary or tertiary manner. It is alright to vary the shades though.  

Where the furniture and artwork have complimentary colors and designs as is common today, use the color choices to play on the room’s darks or lights by creating a sea-like or sunset-like element for example. Again, selection of the motif can be guided by the room purpose. 

2. Type of print: There are a number of theme subjects you can choose from when ordering canvas prints, from nature, abstract, photo to canvas, to personalized types. Personalized types are best suited in situations where you want to decorate your home with your photos or with those of your loved ones. 

3. Choosing according to room’s function: Colors can be used to achieve special effects depending on what the room is used for. It has been proven that colors have certain psychological effects. Yellow is calming while red is invigorating, for instance. The type of canvas prints you use to decorate home office differs from that used in decorating an infant’s room. While dark blue reveals professionalism and seriousness and therefore fits best in a home office, sunflower colors are more appropriate for a kid’s nursery. 

4. Selecting based on how you intend to use the canvas prints: Canvas prints come in many styles of layouts including mirror wrap, image wrap, black wrap, color wrap, triptychs, diptychs and mosaics, all that can be selected depending on how you want to use the work. These layouts are suitable for different situations, rooms and positions or locations in the house, for instance. 

5. Reflect positive energy: Proper placement of the canvas prints is also important once you have bought them. This depends on the size of the room and the desired end effects. You can make the room appear complete by filling the room’s horizontal spaces such as by installing framed art on tables, mantles, windowsills and bookshelves. You can also create a sense of wholeness by hanging one piece on the wall or hanging art in small groups, on the wall. 

6. Be creative: After you order canvas prints in UK, hanging them on the wall is not the only way of decorating the room: you can make artwork stand out by placing it on indoor balcony railings, under glass, on a coffee table or in the kitchen. 

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